trolley outside of ober gatlinburg sign

Top 5 Fun Things to Do at Ober Gatlinburg in the Summer

There’s something fun and exciting waiting for you at Ober Gatlinburg in every season! During the summer, there are plenty of thrilling activities for you and your family to enjoy while you beat the heat. To help you plan for an unforgettable trip, here are 5 of the top fun things to do at Ober Gatlinburg in the summer.

1. Water Slides

end of a water rideIf you forgot to bring your bathing suit, don’t worry! They aren’t required for any of the 3 water raft rides at Ober Gatlinburg. If you’re looking for a thrill, try The Blue Cyclone, the largest slide with tons of turns inside a blackout tunnel, and a splash pool at the bottom. Speed demons will love the Shoot the Chute, which features a steep drop-off that will take you flying downward and into a splash pool on your own personal raft. If you prefer water slides that aren’t closed in, The Lightnin’ Water Ride is the one for you! This open-air water slide is sure to be a favorite with speed changes due to built-in dips in the design.

2. Ski Mountain Coaster

Another one of the best things to do at Ober Gatlinburg is ride the ski mountain coaster! It begins with a 1,000-foot, tree-covered ride to the top so you can kick back and enjoy the views. Once you set out from the top, you can control your own speed for the next 2,750 feet of turns, dips, and curves. Whether you choose to leisurely cruise along or reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour, the choice is yours! You can even share the experience with a friend or family member because the carts are designed to comfortably carry up to 2 riders.

3. Summer Tubing

boy summer tubingAdjacent to the ski mountain coaster, you’ll find summer tubing and fun for the whole family! A magic carpet will carry you and your tube to the top of the hill, and once you’re there, you can cruise back down on one of the 250-foot-long lanes. These lanes are made of synthetic materials, so it’ll feel like being on layers of compact snow, even in the summer!

4. Ice Skating

You can strap on a pair of skates any time of the year at Ober’s indoor ice arena! This large indoor rink is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day and is perfect for beginners and professional skaters alike. Events like the Ice Skating Institute Team Competitions, Christmas on Ice, and Tennessee Special Olympics have been hosted in the past here as well. You can watch these competitors if you visit at the right time.

5. Alpine Slide

mountain coasterThe alpine slide has been a huge hit at Ober Gatlinburg since 1976. Take the scenic chairlift to the midway point, and then hop off to board the alpine slide. They have a push/pull lever so you can control your speed and race your friends or family as you wind down either of the 1,800-foot parallel tracks.

Now since you know all about the top things to do at Ober Gatlinburg in the summer, it’s time to start planning your trip! Be sure to check out all of the other Smoky Mountain attractions so you’ll always have something fun to do in mind. Also, be sure to come again in the next few months to experience Ober Gatlinburg during the winter!