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Top 5 Things to Do This Winter at Ober Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg is a popular place in the winter! It’s the only ski resort in Tennessee, bringing people from all over the country to enjoy the slopes and other winter activities. You probably have wondered what all you can enjoy doing at Ober Gatlinburg in the winter. Here are the top 5 things to do this winter at Ober Gatlinburg:

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

ski equipmentSome of the most popular activities during winter at Ober Gatlinburg are skiing and snowboarding! The slopes at Ober Gatlinburg are great for experienced riders, as well as beginners or even people who have no experience. You can actually take beginner lessons for skiing and snowboarding. Ober also has equipment you can rent if you don’t own any. A unique feature of Ober Gatlinburg’s ski and snowboard slope is since Tennessee doesn’t always get enough snow to maintain the trails, snow is made so guests can still enjoy these activities! There are quite a few trails you can ride. To keep up with information on the slopes, check out the slope report!

2. Snow Tubing

Want to take it easy but still have fun in the snow? Try snow tubing this winter at Ober Gatlinburg! Man made snow is compacted onto the hill where guests slide down. To get to the top of the hill, you’ll ride up using the Magic Carpet. This conveyor belt takes you and your tube up the hill where you can then slide down as many times as you want! It’s a great activity for kids and adults to enjoy any time during the winter.

3. Cubbies Snow Zone

girl playing in snow at ober gatlinburgIf your kids are too small to go skiing or snowboarding or just want to play in the snow, take them to the Cubbies Snow Zone! They’ll have have running around making snow angels or snowmen. Small children enjoy just playing in the snow! Kids must be less than 48 inches tall to enjoy the Cubbies Snow Zone and must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Ice Skating

Although the ice skating rink is indoors and you can enjoy it any time of the year, it’s a great winter activity! You can stick with the winter theme and keep your coat and other accessories on while you skate around the ice rink with your family and friends. The rink is fairly large. It is designed for beginner skaters as well as experienced skaters. There’s a handrail around the perimeter if you aren’t so sure on your feet at first. We’re sure you’ll be skating like a pro by the time you leave!

5. Ice Bumper Cars

ice rinkIce skating isn’t the only activity the ice rink at Ober Gatlinburg is used for. You can also ride around on ice bumper cars! Hop aboard one of the bumper cars and then ride around and knock into your family and friends for a ton of fun! Ice bumper cars is also open all year, but it’s a great winter activity too!

Your whole family will enjoy spending time at this winter at Ober Gatlinburg! Wondering what else you should do when you stay in one of our cabins? Check out these other area attractions in the Smoky Mountains for some ideas!