ole smoky holler in gatlinburg

5 Reasons Moonshine Distilleries Are Must-Visit Attractions in Gatlinburg for Adults

Moonshine attractions are all the rage right now in Gatlinburg. It hasn’t taken too long to see that it’s been very good for tourism in town. The people have spoken, and the widespread opinion has been very positive. If you haven’t been here to see them, we’ll list the 5 reasons why they are a must-visit for adults!

1. Moonshine Sampling

More than likely, if you were interested enough to walk inside one of these moonshine attractions, you’ll probably want to get a taste of some of the flavored spirits. We think you’ll find at least a few to your liking. Each distillery in Gatlinburg charges you $5 for a sampling, but they give you a coupon of the same amount to spend on anything in the store. And this brings us to the next reason on our list.

2. Great Merchandise

ole smoky moonshine gatlinburgThe moonshine attractions in Gatlinburg have a fantastic selection of merchandise, if you find yourself really enjoying the entire experience. All of them offer a wide selection of apparel and souvenir items, which will become clear walking through their shops. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find: Food items made from moonshine can even be found in the ​Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler​ that make for great additions to your collection!

3. Interesting Characters

These places have really hit the bullseye when it comes to selling their product. Part of this reason is due to the people they’ve hired to help sell their moonshine, making them a top Gatlinburg attraction. ​Sugarlands Distilling Co.​ is known for hiring “tastemakers” who stand inside the sampling bar in-the-round and rile up the crowd of eager tourists with their own brand of humor and passion about the product.

4. Buy More to Save More

After seeing all of the different flavors of shine each business offers, plus the amount of merchandise available, you’ll probably be convinced after a tasting to bring a few jars home. To accommodate their guests’ desire, all of them offer deals depending on how many you’ll want to purchase. Therefore, buying multiple bottles go from a percentage discount, to free bottles of the good stuff. Visit ​Tennessee Shine Co. to see their deals.

5. Live Entertainment

live entertainment at ole smokyAs if you haven’t found enough things to like about them, you’ll see what really makes them Gatlinburg attractions. Ole Smoky Moonshine and Sugarlands Distilling Co. both have stage areas where bands come from all over the country and perform more than just traditional bluegrass. You might even be surprised to find a big name artist performing at some point during the year. Relax in a chair and enjoy a break from the excitement for some good tunes!

You’ll definitely need to check out the moonshine distilleries while you’re visiting. Our cabins are close enough to the tourist areas so that you don’t need to travel far to enjoy some of these awesome attractions in Gatlinburg. Make a moonshine run after you ​book your stay​ for a good ole time!