red camaro at rod run

5 Reasons You Should See the Rod Run On Your Pigeon Forge Vacation

There are several big car shows every year, and if you’re a big car enthusiast, you should plan on checking the dates for the next Rod Run for your Pigeon Forge vacation. They are normally held in the fall and spring, if you need a general idea of when to go. If you’re ready for a good time at one of these big events, we’re going to give you 5 reasons why it’s a great way to spend your vacation here.

cars at rod run1. See the Classic Cars

The Rod Run is a great way to see some really neat classic cars on your Pigeon Forge vacation. A few of the nice and shiny possessions you can see here include custom-built vehicles, muscle cars, and hot rods — all of them in fantastic condition. It’s little wonder why the streets are packed with car enthusiasts from all over the country when the selection of vehicles are this broad.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors

It’s impossible resisting to urge to be outside on your Pigeon Forge vacation, and being at a Rod Run is a great way to enjoy the Smoky Mountains as your backdrop for all the different vehicles cruising the Parkway. Bring your lawn chair, and set up to see hours of spectacular vehicles to go along with the sounds of the different types of motors running. Make sure you bring that suntan lotion to guard against a burn!

3. Friendly Car Owners

friendly owner at Rod RunSpending a Pigeon Forge vacation at the Rod Run doesn’t just mean you’re a part of one of the biggest events in the Smoky Mountains. It also means you can get some backstory on some of the cars you’ve taken a special interest in learning more about. This is where the car owners come into play. Many of them won’t hesitate to answer any questions you have about their hobby. Southern hospitality is contagious, and they don’t have to be from the area to get that sense of generosity.

4. You’ll Get Some Exercise

Whether you are inside or outside, you are sure to get plenty of exercise seeing all the great cars on your Pigeon Forge vacation. You won’t be able to stop at just a few, so getting some exercise may not have been intended; however, by the end of the day, you will be feeling it! It’ll all surely be worth it at the day’s end, and you’ll be ready to do it again the next day.

Southern food consisting of fried chicken, greens, beans, and mashed potatoes5. Eat Some Great Food

There will be vendors at these events with great food, but you can’t have a complete Pigeon Forge vacation without taking some time to head over to some outstanding restaurants in town. From breakfast until dinner, there are many delicious Southern meals just waiting for you when you need a break from the sights and sounds. There are no bad decisions here, so a random choice still results in a great meal.

Spending a Pigeon Forge vacation seeing the Rod Run means you’ll need some great accommodations. At Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals, we have everything you need for comfort that’s just minutes away. The Fall Rod Run will be here before you know it, so ​make a reservation​ with us and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see at your cabin!