Sunset at a Gatlinburg cabin with a fire pit.

Top 4 Reasons to Stay at a Gatlinburg Cabin with a Fire Pit

Sitting around the fire pit is one of our favorite summertime traditions! Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals is pleased to offer a number of awesome cabins with outdoor fire pits, so your family can enjoy some late night fun during their vacation. To help you make the most of your next getaway, we have put together four reasons you’ll love staying at a Gatlinburg cabin with a fire pit.

1. Enjoying Nature at Night

When you have a fire pit at your cabin, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors, even after the sun goes down. Rather than staying inside, your family can gather around the fire pit and share some food, play music, swap stories, and admire the majesty of the night sky. Summer evenings in Gatlinburg usually have temperatures in the low 60s, which is the perfect climate for warming yourselves around a roaring fire.

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2. Playing Campfire GamesAn outdoor firepit with chairs around it.

Staying at a Gatlinburg cabin with a fire pit lets you experience all of the fun of a camping trip without having to sleep outside! Your family or friends will have a blast playing classic campfire games like Twenty Questions, Telephone, Two Truths and a Lie, Name That Tune, or even Truth or Dare. Anyone who participated in boy/girl scouts or went to an overnight summer camp back in the day will love revisiting these great games from their youth.

3. Making S’mores and Other Treats

Fire pits are great for preparing everyone’s favorite summertime treat: s’mores! There is nothing better than roasting marshmallows over an open flame until they are perfectly ooey gooey. While a classic s’more consists of just marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers, there is no reason you can’t experiment with a few more ingredients. Some of our favorite s’more variations include peanut butter s’mores, pretzel s’mores, Nutella s’mores, and Oreo s’mores (aka s’moreos).

Of course, s’mores aren’t the only food you can make over your cabin’s fire pit. If you’re in the mood for a full meal, you can roast hot dogs for the family, or if you’re looking for something lighter, you can make popcorn the old fashioned way. All of our properties come with full kitchens and many come with BBQ grills, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to cooking.

4. Singing Songs and Telling Stories

People sitting around a fire pit.One of the best parts of sitting around a fire pit is singing songs and telling stories. The musician in your family will love leading a sing-along and maybe accompanying the vocals with some guitar playing. If you’re not particularly musical, you can entertain your kids with some spooky ghost stories or some funny tales from your childhood. No matter how you choose to spend your evening, huddling around the fire pit as a family is sure to be one of your most cherished vacation memories.

To start planning your escape, browse our rental properties to find the perfect Gatlinburg cabin with a fire pit!