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6 Perks of Pigeon Forge Cabins With a Private Pool

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to stay in Pigeon Forge, you’re probably considering all kinds of things, like location or aesthetics. You probably look at all the amenities that come with the cabin rental too, and there’s no better one than a private pool! You may be wondering why you would want to book a cabin like this, and we want to share 6 perks of Pigeon Forge cabins with a private pool with you!

1. Free Entertainment

sun splash pigeon forge cabin with private poolOne of the best reasons to rent one of these cabins with a private pool is the free entertainment! You’re already paying for the cabin, so why not get one that has something fun to do that won’t cost anything extra once you’re here! Everyone will love being able to splash, swim, and play together in the indoor pool, and you’ll love being able to swim any time, even if it’s snowing outside!

2. Fun for Everyone

It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone can enjoy a pool! From babies to grandparents, everyone will have a blast playing in Pigeon Forge cabins with a private pool. Play classic pool games like Marco Polo or dive for toys to see who can pick up the most. Your whole crew will have a blast swimming together!

3. No Travel Time

indoor pool in cabin in GatlinburgOne of the biggest perks of staying in a private pool cabin is not having to travel somewhere else. You’ll love staying in the comfort of your rental and just walking down the hallway to have some fun. It can be a hassle to pack everyone up, remember everything, navigate to the attraction, and more. With a private pool, you’ll just have to make sure to grab your towel before you head down the hallway!

4. Save Money

Like we said before, you won’t have to pay anything extra to use the pool when you rent one of these cabins. Booking one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with a private pool could save you a ton of money! Since you have something fun to do, you won’t have to pay for expensive attraction tickets since you have entertainment right in your rental!

5. Enjoy all the Amenities

mystical creek cabin with indoor poolThe pool isn’t the only amenity you can enjoy in these cabins! You’ll also have access to a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals throughout the trip instead of eating out for every meal. Some cabins have beautiful views of the woods, mountains, or creeks, while others have home theaters where you can sit back and watch a movie together. No matter what other perks you’re searching for, you’ll find most of them at our cabins!

6. Don’t Have to Share

A huge perk of staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin with a private pool is not having to share! You’ll have all the privacy you could want, and the only people who will have access are those staying with you in the rental! You don’t have to worry about taking up too much space or the kids being too rambunctious like you would at a community pool.

You’ll love all of these perks of staying in one of these cabin rentals. Once you stay here, you won’t want to stay anywhere else! Ready to plan your next trip? Look through our Pigeon Forge cabins with a private pool, and book one today!