outside of old mill restaurant in pigeon forge

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Eat at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

One of the most popular places to eat is the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. This place is full of history, not to mention delicious food that tastes homemade! In the Old Mill Square where the restaurant is located, you’ll find a ton of other cool shops you’ll want to check out after you eat! Here are the top 7 reasons why you should eat at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge.

1. Delicious Food

If you’re wanting traditional southern food while you’re in town, you’ll definitely find it at the Old Mill Restaurant! Get meatloaf that tastes like your mom made it and fried chicken that crunches with every bite. You can also get creamy chicken and dumplings, beef pot roast with gravy, and all the sides you love. While lunch and dinner is delicious at the Old Mill Restaurant, you’ll definitely want to try their breakfast! The Old Mill is famous for its heart Southern breakfast dishes, full of your favorites from sausage to bacon to pancakes.

2. Full of History

The Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge is full of history. About 200 years ago, the mill was built by the people who owned the land to grind corn. In 1889, a water turbine was added to turn the stones for more power, and since they wanted to grind flour, roller mills were added. Over the years, the water wheel had to be replaced, as well as the bridge, due to flooding. Finally, in 1993, the restaurant was built next to the mill!

3. General Store Next Door

general store at the old mill squareIf you really enjoy the food at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, you should stop by the General Store that’s right next door! You can get mixes of soup, pancakes, and many other food items served in the restaurant, or buy flour and corn meal ground by the grist mill! You will also find jams, jellies, relishes, kitchen tools, home decor, and so much more in the general store.

4. Buy Pottery You See in the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

When you eat at the Old Mill Restaurant, you’ll notice the plates, bowls, and other dishes are different than other restaurants. The pottery used in the Old Mill and the Pottery House Cafe are from Pigeon River Pottery, a pottery house in the Old Mill Square. Potters work in house to make all sizes of plates, bowls, tumblers, mugs, tea cups, bacon cookers, and so much more. Each piece is one of a kind because it’s all made by hand in the store. There are a variety of colors, each one named after things found in the Smoky Mountains. If you see a piece you love, you can get it at Pigeon River Pottery! Here are a couple of other pottery shops in the Smoky Mountains you should check out!

5. Taste Moonshine at the Distillery

old forge distillery in old mill squareOne aspect of visiting East Tennessee that’s fun is moonshine tasting! Head over to the Old Forge Distillery so you can taste the moonshine they have! The Head Distiller uses grain ground from the mill and mountain spring water to make the spirits, and the flavors are inspired by flavors in the kitchens, such as coffee and peach.

6. Grab Some Sweets

If you’ve never tasted homemade candy, you have to stop by the Old Mill Candy Kitchen after you eat at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. As you walk past the window, you will see candy makers pulling taffy, slicing stick candies, and coating apples in caramel. Some of the candy you can get include fudges, brittles, divinity, caramels, taffy, hand-dipped chocolates, and hard candies.

7. Finish Off With Ice Cream

old mill creamery and menuWould you rather have ice cream than candy? Stop by the Old Mill Creamery for dessert after eating at the Old Mill Restaurant! You’ll find classic flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, but you should taste one of the signature flavors for something different. They include oat mill cream pie and whiskey ribbon. Plus, you can get coffee just the way you like it at the Creamery to go with your ice cream!

More About the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

It’s no secret that the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge is one of the most popular places to eat in the Smokies. When you visit on your vacation, expect to have wait since so many people choose to dine there! Their famous breakfast is served daily from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m., lunch is served from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., and dinner is served from 4 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The Southern classics served at this restaurant are a can’t-miss on your vacation.

We know you’ll definitely want to eat at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge now! Start planning your trip by booking one of our cabins.