Apple Barn Winery in Sevierville

About the Rocky Top Wine Trail and Its Pigeon Forge Wineries

The Rocky Top Wine Trail in Pigeon Forge is the perfect destination for wine lovers! The trail features a total of five stops, including Pigeon Forge wineries and Sevierville wineries. Guests can visit the wineries in the order that is most convenient for their travel. Learn all about the Rocky Top Wine Trail and its Pigeon Forge wineries below!

About the Rocky Top Wine Trail

The Rocky Top Wine Trail is the most visited wine trail in Tennessee! It features 5 wineries throughout Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, offering a fun experience for all guests. In total, the trail features 75 unique wines to try. You can start at the winery of your choice, where you’ll pick up a passport to get stamped at each location. Once you visit 3 of the wineries, you’ll get a free souvenir wine glass! After you finish the rest of the trail, you’ll get another free gift. The best part about the Rocky Top Wine Trail is that it’s completely free to do!

Learn more about the Sevierville and Pigeon Forge wineries on the Rocky Top Wine Trail:

Hillside Winery

Hillside Winery in SeviervilleHillside Winery in Sevierville, near Pigeon Forge, produces Italian style and bubbly wines that range from dry to sweet. This winery partners with local grape farmers to crush more than 856,000 pounds of grapes a year for their wines. It offers traditional wines like Sangiovese, its famous Black and Blue wine, and its award-winning Muscadine Mist.

Apple Barn Winery

Apple Barn Winery is another Sevierville winery that’s just minutes from Pigeon Forge. This winery features Tennessee’s best fruit wines hand crafted from local fruit. The wines are made of apples from the orchard, rather than grapes from the vineyard. This winery features daily tastings, a video tour and a gift shop. Apple Barn Winery is part of the Apple Barn Village complex, which sits next to the beautiful Little Pigeon River.

Apple Barn Cider House

Apple Barn and Cider MillThe Apple Barn Cider House is also located in the Apple Barn Village. The Cider House offers free tastings of its hard cider that’s crafted on-site. It uses a sterile filtration process instead of a full pasteurization process, which allows the cider to retains its clean, crisp and smooth aspects. Try their Berry Patch or C’N Red drinks.

Mountain Valley Winery

Mountain Valley Winery in Pigeon Forge has been producing wine since 1991 and features French and German style wines. This Pigeon Forge winery offers free tastings and tours of the wine production area. Mountain Valley Winery produces dry wines, semi-sweet wines and sweet wines including Muscadine, a favorite Southern wine.

Mill Bridge Winery

wine glassesMill Bridge Winery is another Pigeon Forge winery that you’ll find along the Rocky Top Wine Trail. It offers a variety of local red wines and hard cider. It’s located in The Old Mill District, and you can enjoy your wine or cider while taking in views of the Little Pigeon River! The staff is happy to guide all visitors through their tastings and introduce you to their distinct flavors.

Visit These Sevierville and Pigeon Forge Wineries

Now that you know more about the Sevierville and Pigeon Forge wineries along the Rocky Top Wine Trail, we bet you can’t wait to try this free experience! While you’re in town, be sure to check out some of the other great things to do in Pigeon Forge!