Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge

4 Fun Things to Do at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

When visitors stay at our cabins in Pigeon Forge, they are just a short drive away from the city’s fun attractions. Some of them are fun museums like the Alcatraz East Crime Museum. It is located at The Island in Pigeon Forge and named after the once famous military fort and maximum security prison in San Francisco, California. The various exhibits teach visitors about the history of crime in the United States. Learn more about this attraction by exploring this list of 4 fun things to do at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum:

1. See the Evolution of Crime

police siren

As technology has evolved, so have the crimes people commit. The Notorious History of American Crime exhibit does a good job of illustrating the evolution of criminal acts. Practice your shooting skills as a gunslinger in the Wild West and then try to hack into a fictitious computer website. You can also stick your head and hands through a pillory, an uncomfortable punishment device used during colonial times. As for artifacts, the exhibit has a collection of torture devices used throughout history.

2. Explore the Full-Scale Model Police Station

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum has another exhibit on crime punishment. It has a full-scale model of a police station. It is here that visitors can experience the harsh consequences of committing a crime. Get chosen from a police lineup and booked into jail. Get your mugshot and fingerprints taken before experiencing the loneliness of sitting in a jail cell. Other things to do at this exhibit include taking a lie detector test. Will you tell the truth or be smart enough to outwit it? In addition to the unique interactive activities, this exhibit also has a collection of early and present-day punishment devices, such as the electric chair and lethal injection machine.

3. Learn How to Solve a Crime

crime scene investigationIn the Crime Scene Investigation exhibit, you’II get to learn all about the methods of gathering evidence and solving a crime. These include forensic science techniques, such as ballistics and facial reconstruction. You’ll learn more about these concepts in the crime scene investigation lab where you use them to solve a murder in a lifelike crime scene. There is also a model of a morgue where visitors can go and learn more about conducting and gathering evidence from an autopsy. While you’re in this exhibit, you can explore the files from some well-known cold cases in America.

4. See How Crime is Prevented and Go into the Artifacts Center

Now that you have learned about the history of crime in the United States and its consequences, it is now time to learn about how law enforcement prevents crime and keeps us safe. Go into the car chase simulator and experience the thrill of going after a speeding vehicle. See how alcohol impacts your ability to perform basic tasks. Learn about thermal imaging technology and how it has helped law enforcement locate hidden suspects. While you’re here, make sure to look out for the 1963 Harley Davidson police motorcycle. In addition to all of these great exhibits, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum also has an Artifacts Center. It has belongings from some of America’s most infamous criminals, including Ted Bundy.

We hope you experience these fun activities at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum. Looking for more fun things to do? Explore our list of fun attractions you can’t miss at The Island in Pigeon Forge!