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8 Fun Attractions You Can’t Miss at The Island in Pigeon Forge

There are so many fun things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge, from walking around and looking through shops to enjoying rides. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy any of the rides and attractions at this entertainment complex. Here are 8 fun attractions you can’t miss at The Island in Pigeon Forge:

1. The Island Ropes Course

the island ropes coursePeople of all ages can have fun exploring The Island Ropes Course. Kids who are 42 inches and up can enjoy this attraction, while those who are under this height can go on Sky Tykes, the smaller ropes course underneath the Ropes Course. There are all kinds of obstacles to get through, and you’ll also get a great view!

2. The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

You can’t miss The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel whenever you’re in Pigeon Forge. When you visit The Island in Pigeon Forge, you can’t skip riding this 200-foot-tall ferris wheel. You’ll get to ride in an enclosed gondola and look out at the amazing views as you rise over the city.

3. The Flying Horse Carousel

the island carouselSmall children will love choosing which horse to ride on The Flying Horse Carousel. This is a classic ride that people of all ages will enjoy. The ride itself is beautifully designed, and your kids will want to go again and again.

4. Thunderdome

Thunderdome is a trampoline attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge. You’ll be strapped into a harness as you stand on a large trampoline. Jump high, do front and back flips, and just have a great time on the Thunderdome!

5. Escape Game

escape gameIf you love puzzles and want to experience something fun as a group, you should try the Escape Game. There are 5 different themes you can choose from. Each game gives you 60 minutes to “break out” by solving puzzles and finding clues. People of all ages will have a blast playing these games!

6. Spinning Parrots Coaster

If your kids want to enjoy a thrill ride, get them on the Spinning Parrots Coaster. This kiddie roller coaster looks like parrots and is brightly colored. It’s perfect for small kids and parents to enjoy together.

7. Arcade City

arcade city the island in pigeon forgeAnother great attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge you’ll have fun at is Arcade City. This is a huge arcade where you can play all sorts of games to win points. Try to get something from a claw machine, rack up points by winning jackpot games, or race on cars for fun. Once you’re done playing, take your card to trade points for prizes!

8. Reverse Time

Reverse Time is another ride people of all ages can enjoy. You’ll be strapped in with an overhead shoulder strap. Then you can have fun experiencing the spin, dip and dive this ride provides!

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