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Top 4 Places to Play Laser Tag in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

Making memories with your friends and family is important when you’re on vacation. You’re probably trying to decide what you can do that everyone will enjoy. One of those things could be playing laser tag! You’ll love running around trying to chase friends and family to get the most points. Here are the top 4 places to play laser tag in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg:

1. Battleground: Tactical Laser Tag

The colorful florescent lights of a laser game room with a blurred laser player.

If you’re looking for another place to play laser tag in Pigeon Forge, Battleground: Tactical Laser Tag at The Island is a great place to go! This arena makes you feel like you’ve stepped into your favorite video game with modern obstacles, vests, and lasers. Run around and hit the targets on your opponents’ vests to see who gets the most points in the entire game and to make sure your team wins!

2. LazerPort Fun Center

With two arenas and a total of 7,000 square feet, LazerPort Fun Center has the largest laser tag areas in the region. Each game lasts 15 minutes, and this is a great place for groups and parties. The fun center stays open until midnight for those that want to play late at night. The only requirements at this arena are you are able to carry the 10-pounds of vest and gun equipment for 10 minutes in order to play. You’ll love running around trying to hide behind obstacles as you try to shoot the other team with your laser gun to win points.

3. WonderWorks

wonderworks pigeon forgeYou may not know this, but you can play laser tag at WonderWorks! in addition to all the cool exhibits you can interact with and learn from, you can run around hitting other guests with your laser gun. The arena is backlit with black lights and all kinds of other cool lights to give you a layer of protection as you run from your opponents and try to hit them and not be hit. There are several places you can hide, but you might get hit eventually! You’ll love playing laser tag in Pigeon Forge at WonderWorks!

4. Gatlin’s Fun Center

Gatlin’s Fun Center is another great place to play laser tag. In addition to having the ability to wage war on live opponents, the 2,700 square foot arena features home bases and sentry pods that fire at participants. The laser guns and vests have amazing special effects, as well as the incredible black lights in the arena that give you a little bit of cover. Guests may choose from four different types of gameplay. This is one of the only places to play laser tag in Gatlinburg, so it’s a great place to have fun!

There are so many places to play laser tag in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Your friends and family will love competing to see who gets the highest score of every game. Want to know what else your group will enjoy when you stay in one of our Pigeon Forge cabins? Look at these attractions in Pigeon Forge and pick out something else fun to do on your next trip!