Scenic photo of winter in Gatlinburg TN.

3 Fun Trips to Take During Winter in Gatlinburg TN

Winter is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start planning your cold weather Smoky Mountain retreat! There are so many fun activities to enjoy during Winter in Gatlinburg TN, so all you need to do is read our list of 3 fun trips to enjoy during the cold season, decide who you’d like to vacation with and then head to the Smokies for a few days of rest and relaxation!

1. Romantic Retreat for Two

There’s no better time or place to cozy up to your special someone than winter in Gatlinburg TN. Our 1 bedroom cabins are specially designed to include everything you’ll need for a quiet, peaceful, romantic few days with your sweetie. You will both love waking up in the super comfortable king bed and brewing a pot of hot coffee to enjoy from your cabin’s private deck which overlooks the beautiful Smoky Mountains. You’ll have the option to spend the day exploring Gatlinburg or staying cuddled together in your cabin reading books, watching movies and spending some much needed time reconnecting. At night, the secluded hot tub makes the perfect spot for a glass of wine and some stargazing. There’s just not a better place to fall back in love with the most important person in your life!

2. Long Weekend with Your KidsFather and son playing in the snow.

Another great vacation to take during winter in Gatlinburg TN is a weekend trip with your kids. Admit it, you could use a break from work and errands, and your kids will love a few days away from homework and chores! Gatlinburg TN is a wonderful place to treat your family to a weekend vacation because it is affordable, conveniently located and full of all kinds of fun attractions and activities that everyone in your crew will love! Before you plan your trip, check out our list of Gatlinburg TN attractions and decide which you and your family are most interested in experiencing. From outdoor adventures like ziplining and whitewater rafting to fun tourist spots like museums and theaters, there are hundreds of events and activities to choose from!

Our 2 bedroom cabins are the perfect size for a mountain vacation with your small family. There’s enough room to have some privacy when you need it, but they’re quaint and comfortable for a fun bonding experience with the people you love most!

3. Girlfriends Getaway

For a fun vacation centered around shopping, dining, laughing and maybe a little gossiping, plan a Gatlinburg TN getaway for you and your closest girlfriends! You and your friends will have a blast exploring the city, taking in the beautiful scenery and catching up on each others’ lives while staying in one of our beautiful cabins.

Women on a winter shopping trip.There’s no better place in the world for a day of shopping than Gatlinburg TN. From department stores and unique boutiques to artisan craft shops and giant souvenir stores, you’ll find everything you’re searching for and much, much more!

Before you plan your vacation this winter in Gatlinburg TN, decide which type of trip sounds most fun to you. Once you’ve invited your family or friends along for the fun, look through all our amazing Gatlinburg TN cabins to choose the perfect fit for you!