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Top 4 Fun Things to Do Outdoors at Our Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals

When you spend a vacation in the Smoky Mountains, we know you want to get outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery! Our cabins are designed so you can enjoy breathtaking views throughout your stay, all without leaving the property! Whether you want to kick back in a bubbling hot tub or prepare a feast on the grill, you will love experiencing the great outdoors! Here are the top 4 fun things to do outdoors at our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals:

1. Hang Out on the Deck With Family and Friends

views from 1 bedroom cabin in smoky mountainsAll of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals feature a lovely deck where you can relax outside among the gorgeous surroundings! In fact, you will find that many of our cabins offer more than one outdoor sitting area so you can easily gather with your family and friends! The deck is a perfect area to wind down after an action-packed day in the Smokies and to share some laughs with your loved ones! Be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife too, as you never know when you may spot some deer or other critters wandering through the forest!

2. Kick Back in the Bubbling Hot Tub

There is no doubt that the hot tub is a favorite amenity among many of our guests! After all, there is nothing quite like the soothing sensation of a hot tub after exploring the hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This is also a wonderful way to ease the stress of your daily life back home and recharge your batteries. After just a few hot tub sessions in our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals, you will feel like a new person!

3. Prepare a Delicious BBQ Meal on the Grill

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While all of our cabins feature fully equipped kitchens with every amenity necessary for preparing meals, plan to spend at least one night outdoors cooking on the grill! This is a fun opportunity to grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and all of your other bbq favorites! Keep all of your food and beverages cool in the full-size refrigerator, and take advantage of the microwave for heating up any of the leftovers for snacks! If you didn’t pack a cooler before your trip, there is no need to worry—there are several well-known grocery store chains in the Smoky Mountain area!

4. Enjoy a Night of Stargazing

When you stay at our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals, you will see a night sky lit up like no other! Since our cabins are nestled into the mountains and miles away from any major city, there is no light pollution to disturb your view of the celestial wonders! See if you can locate any of the major constellations, and keep your eyes peeled for a shooting star! When preparing for your vacation, consider purchasing a star chart or downloading an astronomy app on your cell phone for a helpful guide to the stars!

Check out all of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals today to plan your vacation and take advantage of all of these fun outdoor activities! We look forward to seeing you soon!