City Bear Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games

Top 5 Benefits to Pigeon Forge Cabins With Arcade Games

Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games can be very beneficial to your vacation. If you haven’t booked a cabin with arcade games before, just wait and see what all you’re missing out on. All of our Pigeon Forge cabins provide you and your group with something special during your vacation, and booking a cabin with an arcade game is no different. Take a look at these benefits you will get to experience when you book one of Aunt Bug’s cabin rentals with arcade games for your Pigeon Forge vacation.

1. Kids Love Them

If you want guaranteed fun for yourkid playing racing arcade game in cabin kids on vacation, try booking one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games. Not only do kids love playing games, but also it is something they will have the luxury to do in the comfort of their own cabin. An arcade game isn’t something that kids usually get to experience everyday at home, which means they will really enjoy playing one in their cabin even more. When you book one of our cabins, you are able to have several arcade games in one machine. Your kids will have hours of entertainment available with these arcade games. Not to mention that means more time for you and others in your group to relax.

2. Brings Out the Kid in Adults

You remember those classic 80s and 90s arcade games you used to play? We have Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games that have all the classics like Frogger, Galaga, Pac-Man and more! You will be reminiscing with these games you used to play, which has a way of bringing the kid out in any adult when you book a cabin like City Bear. You can also use these classic arcade games to bond with the kids, and show them how awesome games from the past can be. Arcade games really never get old, and they are great for entertaining everyone.

3. Great For a Rainy Day

arcade game Pac-Man game over imageIf you and your group have plans for a day of fun outside and it rains, there is no need to worry when you have arcade games. Rather than worrying about a change of plans for the day, you have opportunities for fun right in your cabin. There are hours of fun available in an arcade game, so there is no reason to let a little weather get you down. Not to mention your cabin will also have extra amenities along with arcade games that can provide your entire group with fun on a rainy or cold day.

4. Free Entertainment

Do you enjoying saving money? There are plenty of opportunities to play arcade games in downtown Pigeon Forge, but they will cost you. When you book one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games, you can enjoy the fun of an arcade in your cabin, which you have also already paid for. This means there is no extra cost for all this fun. Entertaining everyone in your group without spending any extra money is a great benefit to a cabin with arcade games.

5. Exercise Your Brain

There are actually many great healthSplashtastic View Pigeon Forge Cabins with arcade games benefits to playing arcade games. When you take part in enjoying the arcade games in your cabin, you can improve some of your skills that have an effect on other areas of your everyday life. Arcade games can help improve the way your brain functions in several different ways, like reaction time, memory, motor skills, strategic planning and attention to detail. This makes cabins with arcade games a great option if you are interested in improving your mental health and skill as well as your children’s mental health and skills all while being entertained and on vacation.

Popular Pigeon Forge Cabins With Arcade Games:

City Bear

This cabin in Pigeon Forge sits City Bear Outside cabin view Pigeon Forge cabin with arcade gamesbeautifully atop a mountain ridge where you can see the Pigeon Forge strip city lights shining at night in the background of your view. City Bear is one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games that is perfect for any family. It comfortably sleeps up to 6, and can provide your group with hours of entertainment. Its arcade gaming console features tons of games in one, and they are also some of your favorite classic games like Galaga, Frogger and Pac-Man. It also includes other in-cabin games like air hockey, foosball and pool table for even more entertainment.

Big Bear Cinema

Big Bear Cinema Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games viewThis large Pigeon Forge cabin rental is perfect for a group of up to 20. Big Bear Cinema has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. It includes many arcade games including the classic Donkey Kong and two sit-in racing games. It gets its name from its home theater room with comfortable chairs perfect for enjoying your favorite hollywood films. It is an excellent place to enjoy the company of your close friends and family while celebrating something fun, like an event or special occasion. It has all of your cabin necessities like a full kitchen, linens and a deck for viewing the wonderful Smoky Mountains.

Start reaping the benefits of your next vacation by booking Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games, today.