Ripley's Davy Crockett Mini Golf in Gatlinburg

6 Best Places to Play Mini Golf in Gatlinburg

A great family friendly activity that people of all ages enjoy is mini golf. And the Smoky Mountains are full of fun attractions that offer challenging courses (but not too challenging for the kiddos!). It doesn’t matter if you want to play outdoors or head inside on a rainy day, there are plenty of options for you. Check out these 6 best places to play mini golf in Gatlinburg.

1. Gatlin’s Mini Golf

gatlin's outdoor mini golf in gatlinburgA fantastic spot to play a game or two is Gatlin’s Mini Golf. This attraction actually has an indoor blacklight mini golf course and two outdoor courses to choose from. Travel under the sea with the indoor blacklight course as you come up against different features and creatures. The outdoor courses take players on the side of a mountain, and the courses are themed around areas in the Smoky Mountains.

2. Treasure Quest Golf

If you’re on the hunt for a cheap way to play mini golf, Treasure Quest Golf is the solution! You’ll head inside where adventure awaits around every turn. Take a photo in the huge replica of a creature’s jaws with teeth, and pretend like you’re in the Indiana Jones movie with a figure and huge gold ball that almost gets Indy! You’ll be blown away by all the scenes to see at Treasure Quest.

3. Hillbilly Golf

hillbilly golf in gatlinburgHillbilly Golf is a pretty popular place to enjoy mini golf in Gatlinburg. It’s a unique attraction because it’s one of the only ones that will take players up the side of the mountain on a train car to get to the beginning of the course. You’ll play your way down as you enjoy moonshine stills and other unique characteristics along the way. It should be noted that Hillbilly Golf is open seasonally from March to November.

4. Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf

Another place you’ll want to check out for mini golf in Gatlinburg is Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini Golf. Choose between two courses to play with Davy Crocket (who has come to life as a lovable racoon) and his furry animal friends. Kids and adults will have fun at this outdoor mini golf course!

5. Ripley’s Super Fun Zone

mini golfRipley’s also has an indoor mini golf course you can play at Super Fun Zone. You’ll get to challenge yourself with course features you’ve never encountered before that make you stop and think before you connect your putter and ball. This course is especially great for young children when you want to play mini golf in Gatlinburg!

6. Circus Golf

Circus Golf is a fun indoor mini golf course located at the Amazing Mirror Maze attraction in Gatlinburg. You’ll encounter special FX blacklight mini golf with a circus theme that’s fun for the whole family. Make your way past animals, clowns, the ringmaster, and much more as you play your way to the end!

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Now you know all about the best places to play mini golf in Gatlinburg on your next trip. We know these won’t fill up your itinerary, so that’s why you should check out these other Smoky Mountain attractions to explore while you’re staying with us!