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4 Easy Ways to Avoid the Lines at Dollywood Theme Park

As one of the most popular amusement parks in the country, Dollywood hosts nearly 3 million guests every year! This means that the lines for the top rides, shows and attractions may get long on peak days in the park. The awesome news is that you can avoid the crowds and queues with just a few simple tips from Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals! Here are 4 easy ways to avoid the lines at Dollywood theme park:

1. Arrive Early to the Parking Lot

Dollywood Express

If you have heard the saying that “the early bird gets the worm,” this definitely applies during a busy day at Dollywood! You should try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the official Dollywood opening time, which is a breeze when staying nearby at Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals! This allows  you to have plenty of time to park and walk to the front gate. Once the park opens for the day, you will be one of the first guests through the turnstiles and can go straight to the most popular rides! You might even be able to ride some of the best roller coasters 2 or 3 times before the majority of the park guests show up for the day!

2. Start at the Back of the Park

While most guests at the Dollywood theme park will want to visit the first attractions that they see, it can be beneficial to start in the furthest sections of the park from the front entrance. These include the Wilderness Pass, Craftsman’s Valley and Country Fair sections where you will find plenty of amazing rides! If you study the Dollywood park map to become familiar with the layout, you will already have a leg up on the rest of the visitors!

3. Ride During the Lunch Hour

If you are like most folks, you probably like to enjoy your lunch around noon and dinner around 6 p.m. As you would expect, these are the busiest times of the day for all of the restaurants at  Dollywood! If you want to take advantage of shorter attraction lines, queue up for a ride or show around the times where many park guests are having their lunch or dinner. As a bonus, you will have shorter restaurant wait times when dining at off-peak times!

dollywood-firechaser express4. Purchase the TimeSaver Pass

If you want to skip lines as much as possible all day long, check out the Dollywood Timesaver Pass! This line management system is available for an extra fee and allows expedited access to select rides and shows in the park. The regular Timesaver Pass permits you to enjoy unlimited show reservations at participating theaters and a combination of 10 rides throughout the day. You can also upgrade to the TimeSaver Unlimited where you can use expedited ride entrances as many times as you want throughout the day and make unlimited show reservations!

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