Take Flight At Legacy Mountain Ziplines

Man zip lining through the woodsAt night, many people dream of flight, of the wind in their faces and the earth at their feet. Legacy Mountain Ziplines in Pigeon Forge brings that dream to vivid life. Here you’ll soar and swoop above the breathtaking, unforgettable Smoky Mountains.

Legacy Mountain is the longest of Pigeon Forge’s zipline attractions. This park is situated upon a gorgeous 400-acre site at the base of Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It offers seven lines, with an average length of 2,500 feet. At Legacy Mountain, you’ll also find a lush hiking path and a few swinging bridges.

Just about everyone in the family can zip; no previous training or experience is necessary. Getting into your gear and learning the ropes, so to speak, is a quick and efficient process, one that takes about 20 minutes. Note, however, that riders must be at least three years old, mobile, and in good health, and they must weigh between 100 and 275 pounds. And, unfortunately, pregnant women must skip the zip trip. On the other hand, people who fear heights do not have to forgo these adventures. That’s because the steel cables and the harness provide a strong physical sense of security. In addition, two friendly, helpful, and trained guides are by your side the entire trip.

Your height varies along the journey. At your lowest point, you’ll just be a few feet off the ground. When you reach your highest highs, you’ll be suspended at an invigorating 400 feet-plus. And at your fastest, you’ll hit speeds of fifty miles per hour. Not counting the orientation session, the entire journey takes about two and a half hours. Even so, only about 200 yards of walking is involved, as you’ll make your way up to the initial tower aboard a van.

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