winter Gatlinburg cabin vacation

Is a Winter Gatlinburg Cabin Vacation Right For You?

When is the best time of year for you and your family to visit the Smoky Mountains? Will you benefit more from a warm summer trip or are you all better equipped for a relaxing winter Gatlinburg cabin vacation?

At Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals, we think families should experience all four beautiful seasons in the Smoky Mountains, but just in case you have to choose one or the other, here are a few simple questions to ask yourself to see which one you would enjoy most. The answer may surprise you!

Do You Like Avoiding Crowds?

winter road in the Great Smoky MountainsFrom now until spring, families and guests planning a winter Gatlinburg cabin vacation will enjoy a dramatic decrease in the number of crowds they will have to deal with when they are here. This means fewer cars on the road, fewer people in line and fewer noisy neighbors to disrupt your relaxing stay.

Not to mention, the decrease in the amount of traffic on the road also means that you will spend less time stuck in your car traveling from place to place when you are here. This equates to even more time for you and your loved ones to enjoy your vacation!

Do You Like Saving Money?

Visiting the Smoky Mountains in the winter is actually the cheapest time of year to visit. The reason behind this is the fact that the months of January and February are often referred to as the ‘off-season,’ meaning the time of year with the lowest demand for rentals, therefore, there is an abundance of cheap Gatlinburg cabin rates.

Now, don’t let the term ‘off-season’ confuse you. Just because this is a slower time of year in terms of traffic, that does not mean there are any less fun and excitement for you and your family to discover. Most of the attractions and shops stay open during this time period. The only things that temporarily close are some of the dinner theaters in Pigeon Forge, as they rehearse their new show for the upcoming season. However, the popular Smoky Mountain attractions like the Ripley’s Aquarium, Xtreme Racing Center and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are still open.

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Gatlinburg TN in winterDo You Like Unobstructed Views of the Great Smoky Mountains?

It’s no secret that one of the main reasons families and guests visit the Smoky Mountains is to catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountain views we have here, especially from the private deck of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals. However, did you  know winter actually offers some of the most scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains? It’s true.

The reason behind this lies in the fact that most of the year the scenic views can be obstructed by leaves in the trees that are closer to our rentals. Yes, the leaves are beautiful, especially during the fall, but they can obstruct your mountain view quite a bit. That being said, winter is great because much of the leaves have shed from the trees, thus opening up a gorgeous mountain view that stretches for miles and miles.

Don’t worry, your view won’t be completely void of nature. Many of the trees in the Great Smoky Mountains are evergreens, so they keep their vibrant green color all year round. They just don’t block the view as much as other types of trees.

So there you have it, our top three questions that we think every guest should ask his or herself to determine whether or not a winter Gatlinburg cabin vacation is right for them. If you are one of the many visitors who answered yes to these questions, then it is time to start planning your winter vacation today. You can start by giving the experienced reservationists at Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals a call. They will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.ok