Apple Barn and Cider Mill

A Guide to Visiting The Apple Barn in Sevierville TN

If you’ve ever visited the Smoky Mountains, you may have heard of The Apple Barn in Sevierville TN. This is a popular place to visit because of the incredible restaurants, intriguing history, unique gifts, and much more. You could spend all day at this entertainment complex, and we want to share all about it with you!

The History

the apple barn in sevierville tn

The Apple Barn complex was once a working farm. The actual building itself was built in 1910 by the Mullendore family. They farmed cattle, tobacco, and added to their property over the years. In the 1970s, another family purchased the 65-acre farm. They loved horticulture and ended up planting semi-dwarf apple trees. Over the years, the trees produced hundreds of apples, and they began selling them and homemade goodies, like pies and cider.

In 1986, the family moved out of the farmhouse and started renovating it as the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant people know and love today. The barn was turned into the Apple Barn and Cider House. Eventually, all of the shops that are there today were built, and the legacy continues!

The Apple Barn and Cider House

the apple barn and cider mill buildingAs previously mentioned, the sturdy old barn began a new era as The Apple Barn in 1981. Today, you can walk through the building and see all kinds of unique gifts. There’s home decor, kitchen items, apple-themed everything, and much more. Some other one-of-a-kind finds at The Apple Barn in Sevierville TN include applewood smoked hams and bacon from local growers and their own very special apple butter from an old time mountain recipe.

Connected to The Apple Barn is a candy kitchen and bakery. Here you can find delicious treats like fried apple pies, apple doughnuts, and apple dumplings for eating there or taking home. The Candy Factory produces original sweets, including old-timey favorites that are handmade on century-old equipment. You can even watch the employees work their magic to create these mouth-watering treats!

In addition to being a general store, the Apple Barn in Sevierville TN is also a cider house. A Cider Room was added where guests can actually watch the variety of juicy sweet and tart apples being pressed into delicious cider in the fall. Folks say their cider is the best they’ve ever tasted! Requests for a glass on the spot led to opening the Cider Bar, where people can sample the famous cider hot or cold, while admiring the beautiful cherry and onyx back bar.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant and Applewood Grill

the applewood farmhouse restaurant in sevierville tnWhen the renovations started, the old farmhouse was turned into a welcoming restaurant, carrying on the traditions of feeling like you’re right at home enjoying a meal with your family. The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant became so popular that the owners decided to open a second location, known as the Applewood Grill. The same food is served at both restaurants, so you’ll enjoy the same experience no matter which one you choose to eat at!

At the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant and the Grill, you’ll find incredibly delicious southern dishes for every meal of the day. Breakfast could be a stack of pancakes covered in warm syrup and butter, or a huge platter of eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, home fried potatoes, grits, cinnamon apples, and more.

Lunch and dinner could be crispy fried chicken, homemade meatloaf, southern fried pork chops, or chicken and dumplings. No matter what you order, every meal comes with Grandma’s vegetable soup or broccoli cheddar, mashed potatoes, and your choice of a side. If you save room for dessert, they have signature apple cobbler or apple spice cake!

At both restaurants, every meal comes with some signature apple items, including apple julep, apple cinnamon muffins, apple fritters, and homemade apple butter.

The Creamery

the apple barn creameryChefs of The Apply Barn have developed recipes to make ice cream for The Creamery. This ice cream parlor has all kinds of unique flavors, including a ton with apples as the star! You can’t go wrong trying some of the seasonal options, and there are plenty of other sweet treats at The Creamery, including cookies, cakes, and brownies.

The Winery

With an abundance of apples that continued to grow every year, The Apple Barn Winery was eventually opened. It specializes in delightful apple and fruit wines. Some of the flavors of wine you’ll find include blueberry, peach, and muscadine, as well as a blend of these fruits with apple. A huge perk of visiting the winery on site is being able to take a tour of the facility and taste their signature flavors for free!

Now you know more about The Apple Barn in Sevierville TN! You’re ready to visit, and we know you’ll have a great time. Are you still trying to plan the rest of your trip? Look through these Smoky Mountain attractions now!