Swimming Holes are Summertime’s Free Fun

Spruce Flat Falls in the Smoky MountainsOne of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer’s day is with a dip in one of the swimming holes in Gatlinburg. Moreover, the price is always right; free just has an alluring ring to it. There are always those well-kept secrets that you have to know somebody to find, but all in all, if you have a pair of ears and even the most benign sense of direction, it is a fairly elementary task to find a refreshing swimming hole to cool off in.

How To Find A Swimming Hole

First off, water is always going to flow downwards. That is just a simple fact. You can pretty much follow the tributaries from any said body of water and discover the best swimming holes that your paradise has to offer. Your visual sensibilities will not lead you astray in this endeavor.

However, in the case that you do not know where the primary reservoir is for said swimming holes, your ears are another fail safe when it comes to exploring the wilderness. The rush of even a creek’s current is an unmistakable sound when you are walking through the forest. And the odds are, if you can’t hear a swimming hole, you probably do not want to swim in its stagnant waters in the first place as docile swimming holes are reputed havens for snakes and other varmints who naturally inhabit such tranquil environments. This is not really an issue while swimming, as it is difficult for snakes to bite while underwater, but it is an entirely different ball of wax when it comes to walking on the outskirts, going to and fro these locations.

Get The Right Shoes

Footwear is very important when it comes to exploring these free forays in fun. What goes up must come down, therefore, following the rush of a river down a verdant hill will inevitably end in hiking back up the said summit, inevitably more tired than the original descent after a nice day of swimming around in your new secret swim spot. One wants to be properly equipped to get back to where you came from before the sun goes down, and footwear is a very important factor in completing your day of fun. Follow these simple rules, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make every single day of your summer, an absolute “free-for-all”.

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