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Top 4 Snack Items You Need to Try While Visiting Dollywood

One of the best things about Dollywood is sampling all of the park’s delicious snacks! While Dollywood is known for their white-knuckle thrill rides and award-winning shows, you will also find that the tasty treats are a highlight of the Pigeon Forge theme park! Whether you want an ice cream cone to cool you off or a funnel cake to satisfy your cravings, there is truly something for everyone! Here are the top 4 snack items you need to try while visiting Dollywood:

1. Ice Cream

Make the most of your day at Dollywood by treating yourself to a delicious scoop of ice cream or a hot fudge sundae! There are several ice cream stands in the park, including Blue Ribbon Cones, Showstreet Ice Cream, and the Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen. Blue Ribbon Cones is located in the Country Fair section and is the place to go if you want a soft serve cone to cool you off on a warm summer afternoon! Alternatively, Showstreet Ice Cream and the Sweet Shoppe Candy Kitchen offer a variety of delectable ice cream concoctions and hand dipped flavors. Both of these shops are located at the front of the park, making it a convenient stop if you need something to snack on as you head back to our cabins!

2. Funnel Cake

funnel cakesAnother one of the snack items you need to try while visiting Dollywood is a funnel cake, which is a traditional amusement park treat! Due to the popularity of these deep fried favorites, Dollywood offers both the Crossroads Funnel Cakes stand in Rivertown Junction and Splinter’s Funnel Cakes in Wilderness Pass. When you stop into Crossroad Funnel Cakes, customize your cake with toppings such as chocolate, vanilla glaze, hot fudge, and cinnamon sugar! Splinter’s Funnel Cakes features the same mouth watering options, so choose the location closest to you when hunger strikes!

3. Cinnamon Bread

The cinnamon bread at Dollywood is legendary, so make the Grist Mill in Craftsmen’s Valley the first stop of your day for a breakfast treat! Just follow your nose as you can’t miss the delightful scent of the freshly baked cinnamon bread through the front door! Dollywood sells approximately 350 loaves of cinnamon bread an hour, making it one of the most popular food items in the park! There are plenty of other goodies at the Grist Mill too, including cookies, jams, jellies, and much more!

4. Kettle Korn

kettle kornIf you love popcorn, just wait until you taste the Kettle Korn at the Country Cookers stand in Rivertown Junction! This Dollywood favorite is a sweet and salty version of popcorn that is prepared daily, so you can always count on a fresh bag to munch on throughout the day! This stand also offers an interesting demonstration you can watch as the corn is popped on the spot! Don’t forget to purchase a bag to take home too!

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