Top 4 Reasons to Vacation in a Cabin in Gatlinburg in Spring

Top 4 Reasons to Vacation in a Cabin in Gatlinburg in Spring

From the beautiful, blooming scenery to the wide variety of family-friendly activities, there are countless reasons why a springtime family vacation to a Gatlinburg cabin is a great idea!  Here are our four favorite things about spending time in a cabin in Gatlinburg in spring.

1. Breathtaking Views

When you rent a vacation cabin in Gatlinburg, of course you’ll get great amenities such as comfortable furnishings, fun game rooms, and relaxing hot tubs, but vacationing in Gatlinburg in spring also means beautiful views right from the comfort of the porch. Wake up, hop in that rocking chair and enjoy nature in full-bloom.

Restaurants and shopping within walking distance2. Restaurants and Shopping within Walking Distance

What’s better than a delicious meal or a relaxing stroll on a nice day? We think combining the two makes for the perfect outing! Gatlinburg has dozens of restaurants to choose from, ranging all genres and delicious flavors, and springtime provides perfect weather for walking. After dinner, take a leisurely stroll down the main strip, and check out all the cool shops with locally hand-made souvenirs. Walk out the front door of your cabin and discover all that Gatlinburg has to offer just a short walk away!

3. Hiking Available Close to Cabins

One of the most popular reasons to vacation in Gatlinburg in spring is the wide array of trails to hike, and staying in a rental cabin means you’ll be within minutes of all the best hiking spots. During the months of April and May, many types of plants and flowers will bloom through the Great Smoky Mountains. Take a hike down Little River Trail to enjoy the Lady Slipper Orchids or make your way to Porters Creek Trail to view the Violets. Either way, a warm hike is the best way to enjoy Gatlinburg’s beautiful plant life.

Plenty of Family Fun without Ever Leaving your cabin4. Plenty of Family Fun without Ever Leaving your Cabin

When you’re ready for a day of calm relaxation after a busy day of hiking and shopping, there is plenty of fun to be had without having to leave your cabin. Play a few rounds of pool in the game room, gather the family around the table for an afternoon of board games or curl up under some blankets and watch movies all evening. No matter how you choose to spend your day, you’ll never run out of options in your cabin in Gatlinburg in spring.

Are you more sure than ever that a cabin vacation to Gatlinburg in spring is the right choice for your family? Spring is right around the corner, so click here to book your getaway today!