pigeon forge miniature golf at the lost mine

5 Unique Pigeon Forge Miniature Golf Courses That You Need to Play

If you love to play mini golf, just wait until you see some of the amazing courses in Pigeon Forge! You’ll find a collection of highly themed courses that take your putt-putt adventures to the next level, so gather your family and friends for a fun round of mini golf among the gorgeous backdrop of the Smokies! Here are 5 unique Pigeon Forge miniature golf courses that you need to play:

1. Jurassic Tymes Mini Golf

Jurassic Tymes Mini Golf transports you to a prehistoric world where you’ll play among an awe-inspiring dinosaur-themed landscape! Many of the dinosaurs even move and roar as you play each hole, adding an extra level of fun to the pair of challenging 18-hole miniature golf courses! This family-friendly activity combines the joys of putt-putt with the thrills of an outdoor expedition, so be sure to put Jurassic Tymes Mini Golf on your vacation itinerary! 

2. Toy Box Mini Golf

Amini golfnother one of the unique Pigeon Forge miniature golf courses that you need to play is Toy Box Mini Golf! This 18-hole toy wonderland features massive versions of your favorite classic toys, giving you plenty of awesome photo ops as you play throughout the course! There are over a dozen oversized toys, making this course a blast for both kids and the young at heart! To add to the fun, Toy Box Mini Golf has added a giant spinner feature to lower your final score!

3. Sky Pirates of Mermaid Bay

Sky Pirates of Mermaid Bay offers an incredible miniature golf adventure that will take you into the deepest depths of the sea and the clouds high above Mermaid Bay! This is the world’s first epic golf adventure at a mini-golf attraction, as it consists of indoor and outdoor courses, retail, food, and beverages all themed together by a single story for the whole family! While there are actually two separate courses, the Pirate Course and Mermaid Course, you’ll want to play them both to feel fully immersed in the storyline! 

4. Rooftop Mini Golf at the Crave Golf Club

crave golf club in pigeon forgeNo Pigeon Forge miniature golf adventure is complete without a round of Rooftop Mini Golf at the Crave Golf Club! As the sweetest course in town, this 19-hole, two-tiered course features competitive environments like Rock Candy Mountain, Bubblegum Garden, and the Jellybean Jungle! While playing among the crystalline candy stalagmites, gumball trees, and giant lollipops, be sure to watch out for the jellybean Crave-men!

Lost Mine Mini Golf

When it comes to the unique Pigeon Forge miniature golf courses that you need to play, don’t miss Lost Mine Mini Golf! This highly themed 18-hole course features lots of cool interactive elements and trick shots, as you’ll have to jump a creek, putt through honey chutes and mine cars, make it around the loop-to-loop, and much more! You’ll even enter a Mining Cave, where an intriguing infinity mirror makes you question every shot that you take! 

Check out all of our cabins in the Smoky Mountains today to stay close to all of these unique Pigeon Forge miniature golf courses! We look forward to welcoming you to the Smokies!