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5 Things to Pack for Your Pet’s Smoky Mountain Adventure

If you want to take a mountain vacation and can’t imagine leaving your pet behind, don’t worry. We offer a number of pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge near exciting attractions and beautiful scenery. By planning ahead and packing everything they need, you and your family can enjoy a Smoky Mountain trip without any problem. Here are 5 things to pack for your pet’s Smoky Mountains adventure:

1. The Essentials

dog suppliesWe know how important pets are to the family, but packing and traveling with a pet can be stressful when the everyone is loading up into an SUV. Most importantly, remember to pack food and a water bowl. A travel water dispenser is a good idea for stops along the way. Another must-have is a good leash, and, if possible, bring two.

2. Car Supplies

For your furry friend who sheds, we recommend seat covers. If you don’t crate your pet in the car, even a towel over the seat will help protect the fabric from loose hair. Also, a portable litter box or bags are absolutely necessary to take care of waste. Toys and treats are also good to bring along to keep them entertained during the drive and in the cabin.

3. Adventure Items

dog bathWhen staying in one of our pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge, wildlife is a joy of the mountains. Keeping a pet leashed when exploring will keep you from worrying. Though your pet may be well behaved, sometimes a squirrel or rabbit are all pets need to see to try to take an adventure of their own. Leashes are important if you decide to take your pet into the national park as well. If you do decide to take your pet into nature, pet shampoo is a good idea to bring along to rid them of leaves and dirt they might pick up exploring.

4. Bedding

After a day of exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you and your pet are going to be exhausted. Wind down in your cabin after your Smoky Mountain adventure before heading to bed. If you don’t want to let you pet sleep with you and you don’t want to crate them, make sure to bring a comfy bed for them to cuddle up in at night. Your pet will thank you for a good night’s rest in their soft bed.

5. Optional Outfits

4th of july dogDepending on the season in which you bring your pet to the Smokies will determine if you should pack a few extra changes of clothes for him or her. In the winer months, it can get cold up in the mountains, so many sure to pack our pup a sweater so they can stay warm! If you’re bringing your pet for a holiday, pack them a festive outfit that will look adorable in pictures, maybe even the Christmas card.

Now that you know what to pack for your pet on their Smoky Mountain adventure, you can start getting all of their items together. Check out all of our cabins in Pigeon Forge so you can find a pet friendly rental that is right for you!