Everything You Need to Know About Christmas at the Titanic Attraction in Pigeon Forge

Are you a history buff? If you’re staying in the Smokies and are fascinated by all things historic, the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge is the place for you! This year the attraction is celebrating Christmas and honoring the passengers and crew of the ship during the holiday season. Filled with fun activities and educational experiences, Christmas at Titanic is great for the whole family! Here is everything you need to know about Christmas at the Titanic attraction in Pigeon Forge:

What to Expect

As you enter the museum, there will be period characters who will help you make your way through the exhibits, and you will even have the opportunity to walk the grand staircase. The staircase and surrounding museum will be beautifully decorated for Christmas, so you can see what the holidays on the ship would have looked like.

You’ll also get to take part in the hands-on experiences provided throughout the attraction in Pigeon Forge. Get a real idea for what it was like for passengers and crew of the 1912 trip. Not only can you feel how cold the water was the night of the wreck, you can also feel the night air and see a simulated iceberg.

A Holiday Experience Like No Other

titanicThe best part of Christmas at the Titanic attraction in Pigeon Forge is that it’s the only attraction in the area that can guarantee snowfall! Watch as the real snow falls from the bow of the ship and it begins to feel and look like a 1912 Christmas. From the outside all the way in, the attraction’s antique decorations and holiday lights will take everyone who visits back in time. You won’t be able to experience this kind of historical immersion anywhere else.

You Can See History Come to Life

The Titanic museum isn’t just another attractions with replicas and reconstructions of historical artifacts. There is over $1 million of real and genuine artifacts from the real RMS Titanic and her passengers within the museum. 400 retrieved artifacts from the sunken ship now rest in Pigeon Forge for thousands of visitors to see every year. Just like any time of year, when you visit during Christmas, you’ll be given a boarding pass with a name of a Titanic passenger. At the end, find out if your assign passenger escaped or met their fate on that cold night.

Where to Stay

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Now that you know all about Christmas at the Titanic attraction in Pigeon Forge, you can begin to plan your holiday getaway! Check out all of our cabin rentals and pick which one will work best for you and your family this holiday season. We look forward to seeing you!