Goodbye Ice Cream, Hello Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry frozen yogurt in a white bowl with fresh strawberriesAre you looking for a sweet treat for your day in Pigeon Forge? Rather than seek out one of the many ice cream shops, take a trip to Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. Sweet Frog offers visitors the same creamy ice cream experience with a selection of healthier options, such as sugar free and low fat choices, that are each just as great as traditional ice cream!

Sweet Frog is a Pigeon Forge shop offering premium frozen yogurt in several unique flavors. Customers can choose their favorite flavor, or choose to mix different flavors to form a custom experience. Sweet Frog showcases different flavors throughout the year, so every visit gives visitors a chance to try something new! The frozen yogurt shop offers typical flavors like vanilla and chocolate as well as interesting combinations such as peanut butter and jelly.

No frozen yogurt is complete without adding a few of the toppings from the freshly stocked toppings bar.There are a variety of mix-ins to choose from, including chocolate candies, fresh fruit and rainbow sprinkles. Then, top off your tasty creation with a caramel or hot fudge drizzle.

Located at 2726 Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Sweet Frog is easily accessed from the main Parkway. Prices vary at the Pigeon Forge shop because each item is priced by ounce. So, customize each cup of frozen yogurt to your preference!

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