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4 Benefits of Staying in a Gatlinburg Cabin With a Game Room

Let the games begin! With pool tables, ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, and other great activities, the game room at your vacation rental in the Smoky Mountains is guaranteed to be the most popular spot in the cabin. No matter who comes on the trip with you, everyone will have a blast playing in the game room! Check out these 4 benefits of staying in a Gatlinburg cabin with a game room:

1. Perfect Rainy Day Alternative

Although we hope that each day of your Gatlinburg vacation brings beautiful weather, mother nature sometimes has a different idea. However, there is no need to let a little rain spoil your fun! Although you might have to put off your hiking or sightseeing plans for a bit, the good news is your cabin’s game room makes a perfect rainy day alternative! Grab a ping pong paddle or pool stick, and enjoy an afternoon of fun and games with the family. Before you know it, the weather will have cleared up, and you’ll be back to enjoying the great outdoors.

2. Opportunity to Learn a New Game

Boy playing ping pong in a Gatlinburg cabin with a game roomWhen staying in a Gatlinburg cabin with a game room, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new game! Let’s face it, not everyone has the luxury of having a ping-pong table or pool table at home. While you may not have had the time or determination to try pool at your local billiard hall, now is the perfect time to give it a shot! Even if you have played ping-pong or one of the other games in your cabin before, this can also be a fantastic opportunity to teach others and brush up on your skills. Show a family member how to make that trick shot, or learn how to put a spin on the ball!

3. A Bonding Experience

By playing games together with your family and friends, you can enjoy some friendly competition and a bonding experience. Play on a team as you challenge family members to a fun game of foosball, or plan your own ping pong tournament. You can even create your own rules for the competition to make it more fun, such as the losing team has to wash the dishes for the night! Regardless of how you decide to put together your game night, it is sure to bring your group closer together as you share plenty of laughs and good times with those closest to you.

4. Helps Save Money

Foosball table in a Gatlinburg cabin with a game room

By booking a Gatlinburg cabin with a game room, you actually end up saving money over the course of your vacation! Guests who stay in a traditional hotel room need to head into town to find entertainment in the evening. Whether it’s a movie, dinner show, or other entertainment option, it costs quite a bit of money to take the family out for the night. However, there is no need to leave your cabin when you have all the entertainment you need right there! Staying in cabin with a game room lets you save a significant amount of money on entertainment during your vacation that you can allocate to dining out, local attractions, and any miscellaneous travel expenses.

Now you know why you will love having a game room in your cabin! Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Look through our Gatlinburg cabins with game rooms and book one for your vacation now!