Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge

3 Fun Museums in Pigeon Forge

As you explore the fun vacation destination that is Pigeon Forge, you should definitely check out the museums in the area. Visitors learn new things about cool subjects through fun and interactive activities. Find out more information by exploring this list of 3 fun museums in Pigeon Forge:

1. Titanic Museum

You have definitely read about the RMS Titanic and its unforgettable sinking in your history book. Pigeon Forge’s Titanic Museum takes the material off the page like never before. Visitors learn about different aspects of the Titanic’s history through engaging activities. Start out by seeing what it was like to travel on the ship. Look at the different living quarters and walk on the $1 million replica of the Grand Staircase. You can also shovel coal in the boiler room. Second, you can learn more about the ship’s infamous demise. Feel the chill of 28℉ water on your skin, maintain your balance on a sloping ship, and sit in an actual lifeboat. Before you leave, take a look into the Memorial Room. It pays tribute to the 2,208 Titanic passengers and crew members.

2. WonderWorks

wonderworksWonderWorks is another one of the fun museums in Pigeon Forge that is well-known for its unique approach to learning. Here, education is combined with entertainment. There are 6 Wonder Zones with a total of more than 100 hands-on activities. For example, in the Extreme Weather Zone, you can feel a 74 miles per hour hurricane wind whip through your hair. You can also feel the force of an earthquake that has a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale. Other Wonder Zones include the Wonder Art Gallery which features some of the world’s most famous illusion art. Along with the Wonder Zones, this attraction also houses other fun activities. See if you can conquer all the obstacles on the world’s largest indoor ropes course or stay hidden in a blacklight laser tag maze.

3. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Named after the once famous maximum security prison and military fort in California, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge teaches visitors about the history of crime in the United States. The exhibits have interactive activities that teach visitors about its different aspects. For example, you can see how crimes have evolved when you practice your shooting skills as an outlaw in the Wild West and attempt to hack into a computer as a cyber-criminal. You then learn about the consequences of those actions when you learn about crime punishment. Take a lie detector test, have your mugshot taken, and sit in a jail cell. You can also learn about the process of crime scene investigation and methods of crime prevention. Don’t forget to check out the Artifacts Center where you can see items from America’s most famous crimes, some of which include President Lincoln’s assassination. There are also other notable items, such as Ted Bundy’s 1968 Volkswagen Beetle and OJ Simpson’s White Bronco.

We hope you enjoy visiting these fun museums in Pigeon Forge. If you need ideas for more things to do on vacation, check out some of our favorite area attractions!