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4 Ways to Save Time and Money When Planning a Vacation for Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge

Planning a vacation around the holidays can actually be a huge stress relief. Believe it or not, traveling to Pigeon Forge for the holiday can save you a lot of time and money. Here’s how:


One of the most stressful aspects of inviting your friends and family to your home for the holidays is cleaning. No one wants to spend countless hours deep cleaning their house and preparing for guests when there’s lots of other things to do for the holiday season.

When you choose to spend your Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge, you don’t have to worry about making sure your house is suitable for numerous guests. All you have to do is invite guests and show up; we will take care of all of the cleaning.

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Another stress that many people have when it comes to planning a family get-together is figuring out how much space is needed for everyone to have a comfortable place to sleep. Instead of worrying about how many air mattresses you’re going to need and how many pillows you’ll need to find to make everyone feel comfortable.

At one of our Pigeon Forge cabins, you will have everything you need to get a good night’s rest, and everyone will have their own area for privacy when they need to get away to rest and relax. And you won’t be required to spend all of your time setting up a place for people to stay.

Aerial view of Gatlinburg in the Smoky MountainsQuality Time Together

With all of the chaos and hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s difficult to think about getting away long enough for a vacation. One important part of Thanksgiving is spending time with friends and family. When you’re stressed out about cooking meals and planning family activities, you actually don’t end up spending much quality time together.

Staying in Pigeon Forge means all of the chaos of being at home disappears. It means you can actually make plans before you arrive and, if you stick to your plan, you won’t be stressed out during your trip. You will be able to spend real, quality time with one another at restaurants, attractions and in your cabin rental. Find out how you can keep your trip to the Smokies under budget!


If you have big plans to make a homemade Thanksgiving meal in your cabin, we recommend purchasing as much as you can at home and bringing it with you. Of course, when you arrive, you can save lots of time by stopping at one of the local convenience stores for your last minute meal items.When you stay in one of Aunt Bug’s Pigeon Forge cabins, you will be close enough to many convenience shops, so you don’t have to spend time and gas money driving all around town for what you need.

At Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals, we want you to be as comfortable as you can when you spend your Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge. Take a look at all of our cabin specials to save money when you book a rental this season.