Happy couple with mugs looking out the window at one of our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals.

5 Reasons 1 Bedroom Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals are Great for a Relaxing Winter Getaway

Snowy and cold winter days come and go during the winter season. However, that is not going to stop you from taking your winter getaway to Gatlinburg with your significant other. Gatlinburg has many great winter activities for you to do together, however, sometimes there is nothing better than just taking a day and relaxing in one of our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals and don’t worry these cabins have many great things that you can do during your day of relaxation. If you don’t believe us, here is a list of things to do this winter in 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals.

1. You Can Sleep In

During the week, the majority of people don’t get to sleep in for one reason or another. However, sometimes spending the day in bed is just what you need. During your day of relaxation, turn off all of your alarms and just sleep the day away until your body wakes you up naturally. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

2. Cuddle Around the FireplaceA couple embracing in front of their cabin's fireplace.

After a long sleep, there is nothing better than heating up the fireplace and grabbing a nice warm cup of coffee to start out your day. Many of our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals come equipped with a, indoor or an outdoor fireplace. You can cuddle up around the fire with cozy blankets and a book or your significant other and you can read or talk your day away.

3. Admire the Beautiful Views

One of the perks of visiting the Gatlinburg area is checking out the breathtaking views. The mountain views in Gatlinburg are something that you will not see anywhere else in the world. What makes our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals even more special is that many of our cabins overlook some of the best views in the area so you will never be far from the beauty of the area. All you have to do is walk out on your cabin’s deck to be surrounded by beauty.

4. Make a Meal Together

Many of our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals are home to a full kitchen. So one night instead of going out to dinner, you and your significant other can get cooking together. You can make your favorite meal, light candles for the table and enjoy a romantic and secluded meal together surrounded by the beautiful Gatlinburg mountains.

Happy couple in a Jacuzzi tub with their feet in the air.5. Take a Long Soak in the Hot Tub

After a wonderful and relaxing day, the best way to end your day is by unwinding in your cabin’s hot tub. There is room enough for both of you and your significant other in your cabin’s hot tub, so you can both can finish unwinding together as you look out onto the views surrounding your cabin.

Sometimes the best things to do on vacation is to just relax and enjoy the wonderful company that surrounds you. You can do just that in one of our 1 bedroom Gatlinburg cabin rentals. To make your trip even more special, check out our Gatlinburg cabin specials to save money.