Snow covered Smoky Mountains with 'smoke' rolling in

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love a Winter Vacation in Our 2 Bedroom Pigeon Forge Cabins

There’s plenty of reasons to be excited about staying in our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabins in the winter. The days may be shorter — and a little colder — but you’ll be able to take full advantage of your time with what our lovely rentals offer your family. We’ll fill you in on a few fantastic ideas so you can experience a wonderful winter vacation in the Smokies!

1. A Winter Wonderland

You’ll absolutely love the winter wonderland seen from your cabin! The season brings with it the beautiful Smoky Mountain peaks painted a pure white. Our available 2 bedroom cabins have stunning scenes that will amaze your family if they’ve never seen such displays. You can’t paint a picture that does enough justice to what your eyes can see in person after arriving here for the first time. It’s certainly a sight you won’t forget! Since you don’t have anywhere to be, just pack your favorite comfort items and enjoy the scenery from your cabin!

2. Indoor Warmth

log fireplace inside a Gatlinburg cabin on a rainy day in the Smoky MountainsWinter can obviously bring with it some cold conditions, but luckily, our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabins have you set for some comforting warmth. Many of our guests request a fireplace for their winter stay, and we can certainly grant your wish with options for a wood or gas fireplace. Now you’ll have your heat method of choice for whatever activity you want to engage in from your toasty headquarters!

3. Great Gaming

We think that while you’ll want to do plenty of relaxing on your winter vacation, you may also feel the need for some excitement in your 2 bedroom cabin. That’s perfect for the great gaming options we have inside some of our cabins. Whether you want to go solo with a game of pool or gather the friends and family for a competitive foosball tournament, you’ll have plenty of choices for all of your entertainment needs!

4. Catch an Exciting Event

Maybe the coolest thing about staying in one of our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabins during the winter is being close to some exciting events nearby. If you’re planning on staying during New Year’s Eve, ​The Island in Pigeon Forge​ has some of the best entertainment in town with live music, dancing, parties, and of course, fireworks! Ring in the new year, or just admire all the dazzling displays of lights throughout this thriving tourist town!

5. No Weather Worries

Awesome two bedroom Gatlinburg cabin with mountain backdropA cabin in the Smoky Mountains — especially during the winter — means no worries about getting to your destination on time. When you’re on vacation, you won’t have to worry about going outside in the freezing cold weather to chip away at the snow and ice on your car windshield, having to get up earlier than normal just so you won’t be late for work. You’ll be relieved of all that stress when you stay in a comfy cabin!

Now you have several good reasons to pack those bags and head to your mountain paradise in the winter at one of our 2 bedroom Pigeon Forge cabins. ​Book your cabin before it’s too late to experience this glorious season!