andrews bald in the great smoky mountains

5 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hikes With Incredible Views

When you visit the Smokies, you probably want to go on some Great Smoky Mountains National Park hikes. After all, hiking is one of the most popular activities in this area! People usually pick the trails they want to hike based on features, from waterfalls to mountain views. If you are wanting to hike trails with amazing mountain views, we have a list just for you! Check out these 5 Great Smoky Mountains National Park hikes with incredible mountain views:

1. Gregory Bald

Gregory Bald is considered a hard trail with a roundtrip length of 11.3 miles. This trail is known for multiple flame azaleas in the spring, creating a colorful area in the mountains. After making your way through the mountain forest, you’ll come to the bald. You’ll be able to see out into the mountains for incredible views. Gregory Bald is really a great place to stop and enjoy the views.

2. Andrews Bald

With a 3.6-mile roundtrip length, the hike to Andrews Bald is fairly moderate. The path to Andrews Bald used to be really rugged and rocky until the Trails Forever team redid the path to make it simpler. You’ll come across many rock stairs on your way up and walk through spruce and fir forests. Finally, you’ll be at the top of Andrews Bald. These areas in the mountains get their name because the meadow on the mountain looks like a bald spot. In the spring, there are all kinds of azalea and wildflowers in this area. Any time of the year, you can see the mountain range easily.

3. Charlies Bunion

charlies bunionIf you are looking for truly incredible panoramic views, you need to hike to Charlies Bunion. This trail is considered hard at 8.1 miles roundtrip. Around two thirds of a mile into the trail, you’ll be able to see views of the North Carolina mountains to the south. This trail is named after a rock formation that resembles a bunion. Once you reach this rocky area, you’ll look out towards incredible views of valleys and mountains.

4. Mt. Cammerer

Another Great Smoky Mountains National Park hike that provides you with great mountain views is the trail to Mt. Cammerer. The trail is considered hard and has a roundtrip length of 11.9 miles. The climb to the top of the mountain is steep and winds through a hardwood forest. After about 4 miles, the trail starts to level off, and you will be able to see great views of valleys through the trees. Once you’re at the summit of Mt. Cammerer, there’s a rock outcropping with a lookout tower where you’ll have jaw-dropping mountain views.

5. Mt. LeConte

alum caveWe can’t talk about great mountain views without talking about Mt. LeConte! You have multiple trails you can use to get to the summit, but one with some of the best views is Mt. LeConte. This trail is 11 miles roundtrip and considered hard. After about 1 mile, you’ll come across Arch Rock where stone stairs have been carved out underneath this rock formation. Then you’ll hike for about another mile and you’ll be at Alum Cave, which is technically a concave bluff. From this area, you’ll already have great views of mountains and have seen some cool geological features. As you press on, the trail continues along a cliff with many narrow rock ledges. Once you reach the summit, you’ll look out over the Smoky Mountain range for amazing views.

There are so many Great Smoky Mountains National Park hikes with mountain views. Since you have an idea of some hiking trails you want to explore, now you can figure out what you want to do around town! Look at these area attractions for even more ideas!

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