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What makes you happy? Vacations in the Smoky Mountains

Pigeon Forge log cabin near DollywoodDo Vacations make you happy? Everyone needs to find there place in the World. That means not only finding what your everyday life consists of with work, personal routines, relationships, and family.  This also refers to your vacation time, location, hobbies, and activities that are fun and enjoyable to you.  The Smoky Mountains offer families and couples not only a beautiful landscape for a vacation, but its very affordable compared to many other US destinations.  The vacation home sector of the hospitality industry is growing because the homes offer great amenity packages, value, and privacy.  In Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, mountain cabins offer travellers all the conveniences of home plus the pleasures of a highly desirable resort setting.  So, your family might enjoy the outdoor hot tub, in-room jacuzzi, pool table, fireplace, and fully equipped kitchen.  When you also can enjoy the mountain views, serene wooded surroundings, and privacy it also results in an enjoyable, relaxing vacation setting.  Try a mountain log cabin today when you are looking to getaway to leave your everyday stress. I’m sure you’ll find this is just what the Doctor ordered.  So, the next time you ask “What really makes me happy?”  You should consider the quality time with family or spouse, in a different setting like the Great Smoky Mountains.

Great Smoky Mountains

Should I Stay or Getaway? (Gatlinburg Family Vacations)

USA Today/Gallup poll recently found that more than 6 out of 10 Americans say it’s important that they get away from home this year, even if it means finding ways around high gas prices, airfares and hotel rooms to do it.  The poll indicated that Americans are prepared to pay more to get away this summer.
While some people find themselves too busy or putting off vacations, also known as “Vacation Procrastination,” this helps energy recharge and decreases stress levels of your routine life.  There are new ways to plan for vacations like doing a reverse vacation.  A reverse vacation is trying the opposite strategy of how you would normally plan or spend a vacation.  If you normally do a beach trip, why not try the mountains (ie Smoky Mountains) this year.  If you normally do a Summer vacation, why not try a winter trip to celebrate the holidays or take in the winter sports.
You may think about doing a Stay-cation, but will this help you fully release all the stress that has built up through the Season or allow the family to have the fun they deserve?  We recommend taking a weekend getaway or taking advantage of last minute specials, if you are trying to curb your financial expenses for this year’s vacation.  Furthermore, by choosing accommodations like vacation homes (ie cabin rentals or condos), you can curb “dining out” expenses by cooking your own meals at your vacation rental home.  These are all ideas to enjoy a unique vacation, while still keeping your travel budget-friendly.  Keep in mind the destination, also, when considering the most budget-friendly spots (ie Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg).