Dollar Buys to Grab Before Your Next Cabin Vacation

Woman walking down aisle of grocery storeMany people say the hardest parts of planning a Smoky Mountain vacation are making sure they have everything they need and finding ways to save money. Many travelers like to plan, so it helps to make lists of things to pack and buy before leaving. By planning ahead, your family can save money on expenses and feel prepared to get away to the mountains by doing the same. Here are dollar buys we recommend picking up before a vacation in a cabin in Gatlinburg to save money and be better prepared.

Cotton Swabs – These are important because they can be used after jumping in the pool or for arts and crafts projects on rainy days.

Hair Elastics – For those with longer hair, hair elastics are useful when swimming or hiking to keep it out of your face. These are also great for grouping items in suitcases.

Plastic Utensils – Aunt Bug’s is furnished, but if you don’t like washing silverware, plastic is always a great option. These are also useful if the family decides to go on a picnic.

Locking Plastic Bags – These are important. You can pack food for traveling. Those who love to organize will also be able to group items in suitcases to find them easier.

Puzzles, Coloring Books – To keep the little ones occupied, a few toys and coloring books for a dollar can keep parents from pulling their hair out. Keeping some in the car and some in the cabin will make any trip a little easier.

Batteries – Electronics always seem to die as soon as your family leaves home. For those who enjoy their electronics, take batteries, or you’ll have to buy them on the way.

Hand Sanitizer – Kids touch everything. Having hand sanitizer is a good way to prevent parents from taking kids to wash their hands every few minutes.

Spend some time in the dollar section before your next mountain getaway. There are so many great items that will save money and make the trip easier. Another way to save money is to stay in a cabin in Gatlinburg. Our cabins have amenities that everyone will enjoy. From indoor swimming pools to arcade games, Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

To begin planning your mountain getaway, Aunt Bug’s a call at 1-800-953-5655. Our friendly staff will help you plan the perfect vacation for your family. If you’re serious about saving money, be sure to check out our specials before you book.