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How to Choose the Best Attractions in Pigeon Forge for Your Family Reunion

Visiting the Smoky Mountains should be a lot of fun, for everyone. But when you’re planning a group vacation or family reunion, it can also be difficult to find attractions that are fitting for everyone in the group. To help you avoid any upset group members, and to keep everyone happy and stress-free, here’s a few tips to help you choose the best attractions in Pigeon Forge for your stay:

Know How Many People are Attending

First, you need to know how many people will be visiting the attractions. You don’t have to know an exact count until you purchase tickets, so you just need an estimate. This is why: when you start planning exactly which attractions to visit, you will need this number to determine whether or not you are eligible for a group discount. You will also want to know this later, when you make restaurant reservations.

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Figure Out Ages of Guests Attending

Most groups have vacationers of all ages, and Pigeon Forge attractions definitely accommodate that. If you are in a group of young children, though, you will probably want to target your attractions to the younger ages. If you’re in a group of adults, then you probably won’t want to spend your entire day at an attraction for kids. If you’re traveling with multiple families, you will likely have people of all ages. There’s plenty of attractions in Pigeon Forge that are fitting for people of all ages, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Choose the Type of Attractions You Want to VisitFamily posing for photo on white porch

Depending on the ages of the people in your group, there’s all sorts of attractions in Pigeon Forge for you to visit.

If you have a lot of children with you, you may want to choose attractions like Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge or spend the day at The Island in Pigeon Forge to take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel.

To learn more about these attractions, you can visit their official websites below:

Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge:

The Island in Pigeon Forge:

If you’re looking for thrill rides and adventure, or if you have teens and young adults with you, there’s a great variety of attractions to choose. You can visit a zipline in Pigeon Forge, ride the roller coasters and thrill rides at Dollywood or race around go kart tracks after playing a round of putt putt golf.

If you’re visiting Pigeon Forge with adults, there’s still plenty to do! Some visitor favorites are: The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, The Titanic Museum attraction and Dollywood.

To learn more about these attractions, visit their websites:

The Titanic Museum attraction:


Decide When You Will Visit Attractions

Each of the attractions in Pigeon Forge is great for any time of year, any day of the week, but you should decide which days you will visit each attraction. Some attractions don’t require a full day, like putt putt golf or go-kart riding. So, you can schedule those as an early afternoon attraction or an evening attraction, after dinner.

If you know the number of people who will be visiting the attraction and you know the day you want to visit, you can even purchase tickets ahead of time which can save you a little extra money, too.

Two chairs on cabin deckFigure Out Costs Per Person and Group Rates

To make your vacation the most cost-efficient, you should go ahead and plan ticket prices before your trip. Many of the local attractions offer fantastic group rates which can save you hundreds of dollars as opposed to general admission tickets at the gate. Make sure to contact all of the attractions in Pigeon Forge that you want to visit to find the best rates available.

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