A Bright Spot Among the Storm in the Great Smoky Mountains

For all the pain and misery that the millions of people of the Northeastern USA must be feeling after this horrific storm, I and the rest of my Eastern Tennessee counter parts have all of you on our hearts right now. We do know though just how strong you are and that you will rebuild and heal quicker than any other people in this world could. Here in Gatlinburg, TN that same storm has created some rare beauty. With the trees in the foothill and valley areas still at almost peak foliage, this storm covered The Great Smoky Mountains in an early blanket of snow.snowy mountains This leaves us with a stunning sight of the top 3/4 of the mountains solid white. While the bottom 1/4 is still beaming of yellows, reds, purples and, orange colored trees.rainy smoky mountain scenic drive I have been lucky enough to have lived here for 40 years now and this is one of the most spectacular sights I have seen. Just 1 small bright spot from a terrible storm.